It’s time for the Monroe County GOP Chairman to stepdown for the good of the Party.

NYS has been under one party control for a very long time, leaving the Republican Party in a compromising position. As a result, Republicans have been unable (or unwilling) to effectively challenge crippling legislation set forth by the Governor.

The old saying “all politics are local” stands true as the corruption we see in Albany (and Washington) is not happenstance. The lack of leadership continuously displayed by the Monroe County GOP Chairman (who is also the Vice-Chairman of the NYS GOP and a former Assemblyman) is a clear descriptor of why we have a culture of corruption in Albany.

Under the right leadership, Monroe County and the City of Rochester is ripe for the taking for the Republican Party.  But, without a leadership that is willing to reach out to the disaffected and ignored people that don’t vote or that refuse to vote because of their conservative principles, the Monroe County GOP will still be the butt of the joke that Bill Reilich has become.

Frustration with Bill Reilich’s – lack of – leadership has been mounting for many years. Attempts to challenge his grip on the Republican Party have been thwarted by technicalities due to the lack of transparency and limited access to bylaws. For years, many people have attempted to obtain (to include several FOIL request) the bylaws which govern Mr. Reilich’s Chairmanship as well as procedures one must follow in the event Mr. Reilich fails to meet his obligation to Republicans of Monroe County.

Mr. Reilich’s refusal to make the committee bylaws available to Republicans of Monroe County is just another example of his in ability to lead. Fortunately, there are a few people within the Monroe County GOP with integrity that understand that the Monroe County GOP Committee belongs to all Republicans of Monroe County and NOT Bill Reilich (his Chairmanship is an elected position). If that is not the case, then who does the Monroe County GOP represent?

Because I care about the Party’s future and the future of our community, I am making available the bylaws for Monroe County GOP Committee (Click Here). These documents were presented to me as the official bylaws. If the Chairman claims these are not, in fact, the current bylaws of the Monroe County GOP Committee, then the people respectfully demand that he make available the correct version to all Republicans of Monroe County.

Vazquez 2016 - Calls for Monroe County GOP Chairman to Stepdown

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